HOLAA! Activities and Projects

Below are a list of our grants, activities and publications:

 ‘#PleaseHer with #SexySafety’ Safe sex and pleasure workshop with a safe sex expert and a kink expert: These formed part of a safe sex and pleasure series as the flagship activity. The workshop gave women gathered knowledge on safe sex and pleasure between Women Who have Sex with Women as well as providing the space for queries and conversations.

Production of #PleaseHer (safe sex and pleasure manual): A safe sex and pleasure manual: This also formed a part of the safe sex and pleasure and was a manual that covered topics such as consent, keeping sex toys clean, safe sex between two women and also some erotic stories. All produced by African women. Download it here.

Emergence: Queer Women Artistic Journal (2016): An artistic journal produced in partnership with Q-Zine a bilingual publication hosting the works of LGBTIQ people. The journal held the works of Queer African women from Botswana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Kenya but to name a few of the countries and had pieces in both French and English. Download a copy here.

Mural Project with The Fearless Project: entitled ‘Colouring Outside of The
This project was in collaboration with a collective based in India called The Fearless Collective as well as the 1 in 9 collective. The project culminated in a mural in Hillbrow, Johannesburg that was three stories high.  This project came at the 10-year anniversary of the Jacob Zuma rape trial and centred around the notion of bodily autonomy- ‘My Kanga is not an invitation.’

Digital marketing training in collaboration with Digify Bytes (2016): A workshop held within Johannesburg for women who wanted to further their skills within the realm of digital marketing and social media.

Digital media training of organisations – 1 in 9 Campaign (South Africa) and LEGABIBO (Botswana) (2016): These trainings consisted of empowering participants to utilise digital media as a means of chronicling their lives and storytelling. Participants were taught how to create audio visual material and also utilise this material to further their work.

FRIDA grantee: The grant was to complete a project around safe sex and pleasure and Women who have Sex with Women within the African continent through knowledge production, capacity building and conversation.

Other Foundation Grantee: This grant also allowed to supplement the work down within the our safe sex and pleasure series.

Facilitation and training on self-care: Working with participants in a calming safe space, the session sought to be both relaxation techniques and practical tools on engaging with self-care. This includes organisational, digital and personal self-care.

Facilitation of a conversation on Erotic Justice: This was a facilitated conversation in collaboration with the Coalition of African Lesbians. Within this space queer women gathered to discuss issues pertaining to the idea of erotic justice and how this fit into the grander conversation around Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.

Facilitation of a conversation on Online Violence Against Women: This was done in collaboration with the Coalition of African Lesbians looking to #EndVAW (violence against women women) online. This was done in collaboration with the APC and other organisations.

OXFAM writing workshop facilitation: an invitation was extended by Oxfam South Africa to facilitate a writing workshop for activists gathered from around the country. The workshop gave the tools for the women to create their own material and chronicle their own stories.

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