HOLAA Loves: Chatting Faking Orgasms with Black Women Be Like

Podcasts are so real! Following in the footsteps of the sex positive greats we wanted to started having digital chats about all things sex and sexuality, African women and life. We wanted to basically sit in a studio with a Pinotage and be great, so we did. The first installment of our podcasts with the incredible platform Black Women Be Like happened and it was about masturbation.

Here it is. If you are in Johburg and would like to do a podcast with HOLAA! send an email to submissions@holaafrica.org and we can make a plan!

Leave all the comments on the soundcloud or the site, we love hearing from you.


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I loveeeeeeeeeee this soooooooo much. #WeWantMore<3

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There are more coming soon! The next one is on the 3rd of September so look out for it! It will be on masturbation.

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