#HOLAAonRecord: Digital Media Trainings in Botswana and South Africa

By HOLAA ed 

This project forms a part of a larger project making sure that African queer women document their love, their lives and their existence. This falls into the larger HOLAA! paradigm as we have conversations, spread information, archive stories on love, lust, work, family everything. This is just one part of a bigger party that will include manuals, arts publication, audio and video files.

The works.

As part of the Open Society Foundation Youth Fellowship by one of HOLAA!’s own we hosted a series of Digital Media workshops that sought to give. These were focused on showing how to document and tell stories using video and audio equipment, editing, shooting videos, taking pictures and setting up sequences and shots. It was a series of amazing spaces, one in Botswana and one in South Africa.  Participants created short videos on a topic of their choice.

It was awesome.

Thank you to None on Record for all your help on this wild and awesome journey and thank you t 1in9 and LEGABIBO people for your awesome participation.

Check out the Storify here.

Here are some of our favourite moments during the experience.

South Africa

During this time we worked with the incredible organisation 1in9 as well as some other independent participants. The organisations was founded 10 years ago to support Zuma rape trial victim Kwezi. It is a network of organisations and individuals driven by feminist principles and the desire to live in a society where women are the agents of their own lives, including their sexual lives.

This came out in the trainings as topics  explored included  femininity and masculinity, sex, pleasure masturbation and problems experienced by LGBTI persons in the work place. Shorts were created by the participants. Here is a visual snippet of the proceedings.

IMG_9467 IMG_9251 IMG_9573 IMG_9491IMG_9469  IMG_9505 IMG_9543 IMG_9562           IMG_7653


LEGABIBO served us up a spicy mix of participants including activists and advocacy workers, journalists, aspiring photographers and students, freelance writers, a music producer and even a car sales person because everyone should be able to tell their story.

This training was especially special because this was following the LEGABIBO registration as the first LGBTI organisation in Botswana despite same sex relations not being legalised. Having the participants gain these skills meant that they were further equipped to document this amazing milestone.

IMG_0082 IMG_0061IMG_0160 IMG_0166IMG_0092 IMG_0386IMG_9826 IMG_0399IMG_9900 IMG_0109

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