A short thought on the LEGABIBO victory by a motswana woman

By Thato

The 16 March 2016, is a date that many a homosexuals in Botswana shall never forget. After a lengthy court case with the registrar of companies, blood and sweat, tireless efforts and mostly very expensive legal team, LEGABIBO managed to come out victors despite the appeals from government.

It has been three full years, since the organisation has been fighting to get registered. and now finally those efforts proved to not be in vain. Frustrations, tempers, tears have been plenty.

But the struggle had to continue, and finally it was all worth it.
Registration on LEGABIBO, is not nearly enough of an achievement, but it is a huge step in the right direction. It means the voices of the minority get to be heard, it means they get to have grounds for legal representation. They could sue, or be sued! they are recognised as deserving people to rights and privileges… it means the organization gets to acquire much needed funds, as an individual and not fight for crumbs with other organizations under BONELA.. As much as we appreciate all they have done and the support, it helps to finally flee the nest and take care of our own. LEGABIBO is no longer just an ideal, but a recognized movement, listed with other organization. Meaning they are now in a better position to engage with stakeholders.

However, the winning of this case, does NOT decriminalise homosexuality as many might presume, but it gives them a little bit of leverage in the pursuit of such. Baby steps, I know, but great journeys start with a single step. One day we will look back on this date, when we no longer have to fight to be recognised as equal to our heterosexual counterparts, and smile for we bore witness to history being made. To my homosexual friends and family, let us not tire to go after our rightful place in this world. It is not going to be easy, but it will all be worth it. So for now, let us raise our glasses because no matter how small a victory, we still need to celebrate winning the little battles, let’s have faith that we will win the war one day.

For more on the judgement click here to read the official statement by LEGABIBO.

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