Hephzibah Speaks: 10 Things I love and hate about my job

Everyone has things they hate about their job and things that they love, because I am a stripper this is no different. Here is a short list of things that make my job awesome and things that make it awful.  Here is the list in no particular order of importance.

What I love about working as a stripper:

  • I get to wear stunning lingerie and beautiful costumes. I get to look my sexiest while dancing in my bare skin, something I find very liberating as nudist.
  • I get to perform in a well-equipped venue, with the peripherals I need.
  • I get to tone my body while having a great time dancing on the stage and pole.
  • I have the option of putting on a different character depending on my mood. I can be whoever and whatever I want at any given time.
  • Going to work is like preparing to have a night out. Most nights are really just one big party if you find cool customers who are good company (and generous of course).
  • It is the one place I am encouraged not to downplay or be humble about my body and sexuality. I cannot deny that it feels good to be appreciated for my natural beauty
  • I get to make men and women, that society never gives the light of day, feel special for a moment. I get to make so many people’s fantasies come true. I have danced for people with disabilities and those who are too shy to be honest about their desires
  • The money and financial independence.sex work, stripper, strip club, HOLAAfrica, african sexualities
  • The subconscious confidence working as a stripper has given me has translated into a healthy energy and aura about me.
  • Watching beautiful women and skilled dancers dancing seductively, naked. You would think after all this time I would get used to it huh? I cannot get over how beautiful women are in all their variations.

What I don’t like about working as a stripper:

  • The long hours, and having to work on days I am not okay. Working on days when I do not feel pretty and sexy at all.
  • The fact that I make more money as a stripper than what my hard earned degree would make me in a long, long time.
  • The occasional jerks that come to the club and are rude and disrespectful
  • The ‘save the stripper’ campaign which involved men and women spending the whole night asking what ‘a woman like you is doing in a place like this’. My answer to this? People ‘like you’ who like ‘a place like this’ are the reason why we are in business.
  • The women who agree to come to the club with their boyfriends yet cause drama every time a girl tries to say hi. If you do not plan on joining in the fun, maybe you should let the boys go alone.
  • That I cannot speak openly and proudly about a job I like and am good at.
  • Not having my evenings. I miss the still of the night. I miss watching the moon. I miss watching an episode of something before I fall asleep. I miss going out for dinners. I miss going out with my girls, fully clothed and dancing without worrying if I am offbeat or not.
  • How my body freezes in terror when a person I meet outside says ‘don’t I know you from somewhere?’
  • The underlying nerves that run through me every night due to the fear that someone I know will walk into the club while I’m hanging topless on a stripper pole.
  • The stereotypes associated with being a stripper and how ignorant people, even our customers, can be sometimes.

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