A Silent Cry

by Nthabiseng Ntshala

It is home

Well that’s what we should call it.

How can I call it home if it’s as empty as our memories?

We see nothing but empty souls reflecting

I stare at the mirror

I see a figure filled with nothing but air

Air meaningless to breath

That tells not my story but the story of others


I am screaming for deaf ears to hear me

I cry with the rain falling

I see a blurry image

Who am I to be described?


There is always a shadow of doubt

I cried

I got sick from it

I became numb

I was a lifeless body with dreams

I gave up on myself so quickly

I lived for others

i gave them me and i became their slave


How can I be revived?

I stare at the mirror hoping to get answers

All I hear is silence.


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Great work menh…….”I am screaming for deaf ears to hear” ….Love the question at the end though “How can I be revived”….After long phrases of you naming & pointing out situations,the question comes in perfectly as means of you wanting better or perhaps seeking for answers & solutionzzzz….Looove It 🙂

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Glad you liked the piece!

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