By Germaine
‘TransForming’ is an ongoing series of portraits by Germaine de Larch made in collaboration with trans* and gender non-conforming people, aimed at making visible a very invisible sector of our society and is a reclaiming of public space for a private experience. More of this series can be found at

Participants in the images are all members of the 
Wits-based community and support group, CtrlAltGender

twitter: @CtrlAltGender
facebook: CtrlAltGender
tumblr: CtrlAltGender

​Germaine is a gender non-conforming writer, artist and art-activist. Germaine’s work focuses on portrait photography of people whose identities differ from the mainstream, and on LGBTIAQ visibility. ​More of Germaine’s work can be found on her tumblr.
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[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeInLeft” delay=”3s”] Alaine.4.watermarked [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”flipInX” delay=”3s”] Alaine [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeIn”] David_3_watermarked [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeInLeft” delay=”3s”]David_2_watermarked  [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”flipInX” delay=”3s”] David [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeIn”]Ellie_2_watermarked  [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeInLeft” delay=”3s”]Ellie_1_watermarked  [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”flipInX” delay=”3s”]Eleanor  [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeIn”] Tyler_2_watermarked [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeInLeft” delay=”3s”]Tyler_1_watermarked  [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”flipInX” delay=”3s”] Trey [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeIn”] Nyx_1_watermarked [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeInLeft” delay=”3s”] Nyx_4_watermarked [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”flipInX” delay=”3s”] Nyx [/col][/row]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeIn”] Nikki_2 [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeInLeft” delay=”3s”] Nikki_1 [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”flipInX” delay=”3s”] Nikki [/col][/row]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeIn”] Trey_2_watermarked [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”fadeInLeft” delay=”3s”] Trey_1_watermarked [/col]
[col span=”1/3″ animate=”flipInX” delay=”3s”] Trey [/col][/row]

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