image source: skylark11.tumblr
image source: skylark11.tumblr

By Nina Mort

Every day is a reminder of how no one dares ask questions of existence.

Why we came to exist, or why some of us cease to (how did we come to be you see).

Why there must be a high supreme God who seems to be a puppeteer to his kin, (we were created in his own image you see).

Why there must be a balance to everything, when in some there’s simply no balance to anything (so we kill ourselves you see).

Why the heck we choose a superior being when in the end we still crawl on our knees, (begging for your life you see).

Why we must be ignorant fools, succumb to him, (ignorance is bliss you see). Why some of us are less fortunate, while the others are blessed, (is this balance just? you see).

Why we are bound to our past, yet we live in denial, (letting go is impossible you see).

Why we cry, yet it never really helps, (first tears mean everything you see).

Why we love with our ‘heart’, when it’s just a vessel that pumps blood, (it’s just a word you see).

Why we choose to ignore the fact that we are alone, yet some of us are haunted by the fact that we are, (solitude is the most profound fact of the human condition you see).

Why we hope for a better tomorrow, yet the life we live is borrowed, (death is inevitable you see).

Why we seldom find our true selves, yet some of us are OK with who we seem to be, (nurturing impares our ability to see, you see).

Why we are ignorant fools, yet when faced with consequences we face guilt, (remorse is addictive you see). Why we mask the truth, and frown upon its very existence, (ties that bind, you see).


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