What Makes You Stand Out: A Declaration


By Q Petros

Does race make me stand out?
Does gender make me stand out?
Does profession make me stand out?
The questions will go on and on and on, but what makes you stand out what makes me stand out?

All the success in my life, achievements, good deeds are all being overshadowed, deprived of, denied the chance to make me stand out just because of my sexuality.

They label me because of homosexuality!

Even if I get to a finish line first in a race that wont make me stand out my homosexuality will!

Even if I win all my court cases and be the best lawyer that wont allow me to stand out as my homosexuality will!

Even if I save the world from a deadly disease that wont make me stand out,why? Because my homosexuality will.

Is homosexuality that much of a distraction? What makes me different from my fellow women who love men? is it because I am a woman who loves other women?In that case i will stand up to fight for my right to stand out,for my success to out shine my sexuality

I stand up Africa, so that I can stand out …

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A homosexual person is not a walking penis or vagina. They are much more than their sexuality. They are not gay, not lesbian, not homosexual, not transgendered, not transexual. They are human. They have a soul, spirit and body. They have cognition, thought, mind, personality, memory, emotion, intellect. They associate, communicate, reason, feel, create, design, pro-create, act, re-act. They live, breathe, cry, enjoy sex, love, trust, treasure, charish, celebrate, believe, hate, covet, long. They work, study, play, tend. They make, destroy, ellevate. They worship and congregate. They explore, discover, innovate. They are men, women, children, persons. They have character, values, morals, principals, standards, codes. They immagine, simulate, symbolise and live in reality. They are not weird or odd, but just merely different from others when it comes to their sexual preferences alone. But so are blacks from whites, the obese from the skinny and the mesomorphs, albinos from the pigmented, the disabled from the abled, women from men, children from grown ups, Christianity from other religions. Homosexuals are part of the mainstream – humanity. No intent, thought, word, feeling or action will ever negate that. God loves the homosexual with equal measure unconditionally as the straighties because He create all in His image and likeness, wonderfully and fearfully such that every hair on their head is accounted for. He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die for them too so they may also have eternal life, because He first loved them too.

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This is such a beautiful comment. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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