Your tongue

By Florence F Khaxas


Your tongue likes access to different doors

To cages

Like identical mountain tops of the Spitzkoppe

Your tongue likes

Trenches deep in the naked sees,

Your tongue loves nature

Reaching spots only to be imagined,

In this wild jungle we all have ownership


I love your tongue

The wonders it brings

To this soulful excited me….sweating! Sweating!

Breathlessly clinging scratching scratching, long nails.

I’m so disoriented.

A wild cat


Getting into a deadly fight

Survival is negotiable

I love the words spoken from your tongue

As you mastered the clicking sound of khoekoe

/namsi-ta ke a ti /kamiro!

As you demonstrate captivated emotions

Inside your center of soul

Your tongue tour guiding me

Through the nature as you see it, exploring it with me

Tickle tickle

As it reaches the mountain top of the Spitzkoppe,

Identical twin sisters,

Wetting all that is on the bare chest me.

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