Who in the queer is Lungile

By Lara Gemini Poet


“I am the Gemini, I speak melodies IN TONGUES! I am the commander of light, the orchestrator of rhymes! I make…..music.”

I am in my mid 20s, not old but vintage and crispy. I’ve been a poet from as long as I could speak sense. I am also a writer and performing artist who can draw inspiration from staring at a pen! I am God’s child, not religious because religion (for me) limits what I want to say about my God, how I see my God and how I view others who are also trying to do the same but differently. So on Sunday when people go to church, I either catch up on my reading and writing or sleep to recover from the night before. I am a spiritual person. I read a lot, almost too much, about the God I am and come from.

I’m that wimp with the “don’t mess with me”  nerd look. I love being around children. Also I am always in the middle of what needs to be done. I’m always trying to help, trying to provide, looking to give a solutions because I believe in giving. I have good friends, I associate with good people who love love, love life, have purpose, people who read and want to know. I wouldn’t say I’m a socialite really, I stay in more than I go out though I do go out considerably.

I love  the outdoors! I love fixing things and I’m good at it (gift idea!). I’m a water baby so staying on the east coast suits me. I’m very blunt; a spade is a spade not a gargantuan spoon! So I have issues with sensitive people. I hate having to watch what I say. It’s not that my tongue is scattered it’s just that I can’t deal with soppy moments or people dying from an acute case of lack-of-sense-of-humouritis a.k.a seriousness disease. I hate the colour pink. I love black.

I don’t think the sky is blue, people smoke too much for it to be blue.

I am very strong but I don’t believe for a nanosecond that anyone needs to dominate anyone else. We are born as equals to live as equals and die as equals. I would love to be strong and weak sometimes without that being taken to indicate my capabilities.

I dress to express myself through and through. My essence lies in my art, tattoos and work. It oozes out when I socialize. I think all heels and pumps should be banned and everybody should wear sneakers!I’m largely attracted to women who are assertive, gorgeous and driven. The African behind makes me dumb and speechless!

I’m just a lesbian, no tags. I love to love and love being loved and loved down.

I don’t take kindly to being boxed. The gay community loves doing that! I mean what the hell is a lipstick lesbian or a pillow queen? If you are straight, you are straight. You’re never a tom straight person, a femme straight person, a butch straight person or a lipstick straight person or whatever new tag there is.

I’m just a soul that loves other souls who just happen to be embodied as women.

I dream to be known for what I do for others, I want to die having changed a life or two.  Life has taught me that material riches come at the price of your soul and I love mine so much that I would never comprise it for something I will leave behind. I’d rather work and have enough to share.

I am a giver. I am a lover. I am the Gemini. Living life and love in sync.

Tiger lara

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Wow that is what I can say coz when I can start praising your good passion I will end up showing off my affection good is what you do passion is what you portray from my soul to your mind you good I don’t wanna hide behind jelousy and silence you are an inspiration and right now I’m inspired and won’t expire coz you knowledge gives me hope of a better tomorrow keep up your good work.

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That was fabulous to read. You feel real. I like that.

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I could feel every word you said…powerfull. keep it up!

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Woow, flattered. thank you

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