I’m That Girl

image source:http://fuckyeahbrownandbutch.tumblr.com/page/7
image source:http://fuckyeahbrownandbutch.tumblr.com/page/7

By Metaphorical Pearl

I’m that chick with the slow smile riding the shopping cart down the supermarket aisle, tipping things on the floor and leaving them in a pile.

I’m that chick with her locks hanging loose whose friends can’t introduce to new people without first making some kind of excuse because they say I’m bad news.

I’m that chick with the dirty converses, who converses in verses and metaphors, who laughs at crude curses and will not be seen dead carrying purses.

I’m that chick who laughs at her own jokes and would laugh at a friend because of the way they spoke after a stroke.

I’m that chick who laughs at the most inappropriate times and makes unintelligent rhymes. That chick with the smelly shoes who denies they are mine… but a friend for a lifetime!

I’m that chick who asks if you are ok and waits for the answer, that chick kids approach for a sponsor, a cancer that grows on you, and will always be true.

I’m the kind of girl who’ll call you too much. When I’m in love I want to hold hands and have our fingers touch, I wanna see you all the time it’s never too much.

I’m the type of girl who’ll hate her ex until the tears fade, the type who’ll help her friends with heart break first aid but the type whose depression cuts like a blade.

I’m that chick who paints outside the lines and hopes you’ll be proud of the finished product. The chick with the tough exterior with the over-active tear ducts. I’m that chick who makes wishes on shooting stars and other such childlike conduct. I’m your favorite contact.

I’m that chick who eats… the kind of girl who can’t walk in heels without killing myself… or someone else. I’m that chick who doesn’t pretend to be stupid just to impress other people, or worse, just to fit in.

I’m that chick who still defrosts the chicken in hot water instead of using the microwave, the type who sends up a lil prayer every time I walk past a grave. A feminist slave who refuses to shave…my legs! #gasps! And I thought I didn’t know how to behave!

I’m that chick who talks too loudly, who speaks too proudly and curses too often. But I’m that chick who cares about the orphans, who cares about global warming and doing my portion. I have liberal views about abortion, stronger still when it’s a result of coercion.

I’m that proud chick and sometimes it borders on arrogance, it’ll be 2 days before I say I’m sorry but when I do it’s said with a lot of elegance and stays relevant.

I’m that chick nobody really wants to admit they are, but I’m my own person and could never change this for anyone!


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This is me wrapped up in word….save for the smelly shoes

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I am that chick take away one or two things (make it 4 thing). u a great writer.

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Ooh yes I am that chick, so it love me or leave me coz I ain’t abt to change.

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m tht girl…well written piece…bigups to the writer

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We shall send on your props!

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[…] I’m That Girl. […]

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I’m THAT chick…

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