In My Own


By Qat 

They say ‘She is’
Argue ‘Naaah, I think’
She asks ‘Who you be?’
You shrug and stare,
As you wait for me to mumble
In this secret silence
Nothing you can bear!

You don’t know me
I define ‘me’ best

Acting in the light
Creating in the dark
A passionate lover all year long
Cunt lovin’ specialist
My recipe you’ll savor

You don’t know me
I define ‘me’ best

You try too hard
To describe what I’m not
Worry no more
I’m here to tell
A situational loner
Embracing Emotional Cancer Homo
No, don’t grab your robe yet
I ain’t done

Wait, I think part one is done
Need you say more?

You don’t know me
I define me best

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Good stuff Qat

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