Anonymous Love

Image: Man Ray
Image: Man Ray

by Nthabiseng

Intsomi yothando lam
My once upon a time story
My story with no happily ever after
the story that ends with tears
and once believed to have gotten over fears
I cried the pain away
I converted the frowns to smiles
or so I believed
so I imagined and lived

How can one moment ruin such an everlasting feeling

How can one moment kill so many
How can so many memories be flushed and forgotten
How can so many images fade in one moment

It was just a dream
Your love for me was only a dream
The dream I longed to make a reality
The dream I believed I lived
My future is now my past dream

Love doesn’t hurt
The people loving and in love are the ones ruining the definition and
emotions felt
People always mess with the good
People never appreciate
They always complicate the simplest thing
They pretend to try
yet fear the unknown
they fear the hearts they deserve
they can’t thank; they always ask and complain

I thought you were different
I thought you were my one and only
my one success; some days felt like reason for living
Especially when the ones who should  love me unconditionally
love me with reasons and limits

You were mine
Until I woke up
I gave you my all and you gave me nothing

Intsomi yam was just a dream

I failed to make a reality

What is love?
Love is anonymous.


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Oooh but this got me tearing n im in a taxi. So many woman wuld identify. Big ups

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