The SEXPO was freaky. The SEXPO was durrrrtyyyy. The SEXPO was fabulous. Despite being geared towards the male species there were a few  somethings for the ladies including a number of strip shows, a ladies lounge and the Pharaohs Fantasy Club which sought to allow ladies to explore their sexuality.

The biggest coup for women at the SEXPO was in fact the Pussy Room (advertised as a journey through spiritual eroticism) which celebrated the sexuality of women.


Here we found erotic sculptures and art work that beautifully show cased the female form. Jenny-Lynn Hucks (the artist) said that there was a need to showcase how different vaginas can be. ‘They are not all the same’ she said. So to show this she made a pussy board.

(click photos to enlarge)


There were also pieces called The Bound Woman’ 


and ‘The perfect posterior’


For this one Jenny-Lynn said that when she was sculpting her she had ‘snuck in her pussy’ and if you reached under the sculpture ‘you could feel it’. And you really could.

Yes there were chocolate vaginas, white and dark chocolate.


Later on there was to be a burlesque show in this:


Mrs Love, who was from the Pussy Room, spoke about the need to embrace all the things female. She talked about how one does not ‘give away’ your vagina but rather opens it up and lets people in. This gives YOU back the power. She wanted all women to know that they held the universe inside them. She stated that the pussy was the getaway to the divine self.

There were also spans of sex toys on show. Some for when you are with your lady and/or fella. Some for if you were alone. Some that were curved, some that were purple. Some that looked like sea urchins and some that looked like lipstick. There were lots.


This is what the world’s first vibrator model looked like:


Gym for your pussy. Slip these in and the muscles in your vagina work hard to keep it in place and there for keep you tight.


Of course there were the classic big, huge vein-y penises. Some were 18 inches. Some were FAR BIGGER than that and needed two hands to hold.  Some were purple. Here are a few we weren’t too shy to take a photo of.

We personally loved The Hand


There was lingerie, trinkets and costumes.


Some of the goodies you can get from Durex.

Durex says that this product has been labelled ‘orgasm in a box’ by consumers.


Literature is everywhere. Read up because knowledge is power. 


If your are into that S&M vibe there was also a little something for you.

And all the rest…

So there were some shy moments. There was also a guy walking around with a whip. There was also amateur strip hour. There was a great deal going on. But there was a celebration of sexuality. In whatever form it came in. Which is an idea that has long been suppressed.

All in all although these things can make you shy, but do not forget that sex is beautiful, magical and part of the natural order of things. Sure it has upgraded and taken on new forms and fetishes but as long as you feel good and you are not hurting anybody (without their consent), keep on keeping on.

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