HOLAA! brings you: The Season of Love



The time has come (once again) when we are asking you to pick up your pens, pencils, paintbrushes and PCs and get inspired to create for us!

Valentines month is drawing ever so near (like the glacier that collided with the Titanic for all those single folks out there) and while HOLAA! loves everything soft, fuzzy and decadently chocolatey we want to take a different spin on things. So we have declared The Season of Love…Big Love.

What does that mean you may be wondering? Well we want to find out what love means to you and how you express it. And we’re not just talking sonnets and ballads here; we want to know what you love about yourself, how you celebrate life, the places you go to feel love, who you have loved, the things that inspire you, how you express that perplexingly pretty emotion and the things you have done in the name of love.

Feel free to make your pieces long, short, funny, angry, happy, avante garde  or downright ridiculous. You create it we’ll love it! Why you may be wondering? Well it’s because we’re the Hub of LOVING Action -so it’s kind of our thing 😮

Oh yeah, don’t forget HOLAA! is a multi-lingual space so bring on the mother tongues, we can handle it. So get writing Afro-Queers!

Send your offerings to holaafricaonline@gmail.com and let’s get Loving.


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