Things I like about her

by Lara Gemini Poet

She is a fireproof vest that Lucifer has gone to therapy for
She burnt his hands when he tried to touch her, I could have told him she hates being spanked but that dude just doesn’t listen
and these are the things I like about her…
Her mind is almost paranormal seeking to stop defining itself:
She understands that being misunderstood as salty as it can be sometimes, is not necessarily a bad thing.

She doesn’t like being predictable-I mean even the weather doesn’t do that anymore…
She has grown to like pouting ever since her lips looked brighter in orange lipstick.
She makes me wonder what God looks like if she’s so beautiful….
She presses her lips in a neat thin line, implying she’s not impressed by the bounce in my walk and so I have given up on my many shades of swag.
I bet she wouldn’t even if I were to be colour blocking like a box of crayons.
I guess there are many beautiful things floating in her head!!
She’s the type of painting that people don’t get but still love enough to buy, truly undefined!
I wonder what goes on in her mind when she rests her words.
I studied her once lost in thoughts…
She threw her eyes to her left, then at mine before looking me up and down and sizing me up
I wish she could think of tearing my clothes apart and this is the only thing I don’t like about her!
Sexy is not in her vocab. I think she orgasms with intellect to intellect intellectually. Even that makes me dumb!
She once threw her jeans on the floor, and when I put them on the bed, she got upset saying they look desolate.
I guess her mind is deep like that…
Drunk yet sober enough to hide her memory card in her boobs
I was left with such envy and thought that’s one lucky chip wrapped in plastic!
I suppose when you find someone so gentle yet so intimidatingly strong, filled with love enough to drown the universe with bruises that could colour wisdom, you can’t help but hallucinate in the moments.
I bet she could fight a war with her tongue, her soul is like music.
Such loyalty to herself and such preservation for her standards
These are the things I like about her

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Wow, I love this! Beautiful!

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Thank you 🙂

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I dig the beginning! People that have one loving them religiously and seeing Godliness in them are awesome…

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Wow… Just saw this for the very first time. Made me smile 🙂

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