Bringing HOLAA to the continent!


We are looking for people to translate the various articles we have published into any African language. Yoruba, Kiswahili, Xhosa, Banda, French, Portugese, Creole or even Arabic.

This is an awesome way of sneaking onto the site without having to let your…creative juices flow. We will give you all the love and credit! We need to spread the word in lots of different types of words. We need to spread the love in as many languages as we possibly can. Lets get on it.

If you are interested email us on: holaafricaonline@gmail.comand also take a look around the various HOLAA articles and figure out which ones you would like to/be able to translate.



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Hello, I’m new to HOLAA and I absolutely love what you guys are doing. I’m just seeing this post and I would love to help with French translation, if still needed! please let me know!
Kudos to you guys!

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Hey! We would love for that! Absolutely love it. please email us on
thank you so much for reading the posts. xo

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