Call for submissions: Being Gay and Home for Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas so that means…family.

And African families LOVE to be in your business.

Send HOLAA your stories about what it is like being home, being gay and eating too much. Doesn’t matter if your in the closet or not. Tell us the stories about how they ask you about your boyfriend or tell you that your clothes are very β€˜boyish’. Tell us how that aunty had tried to fix you up with her friend’s son. Tell us about how you just want to have a drink but have to pretend you drink soda. About how that girl from the home village is still so pretty. Send us your stories about being with family during the festivities in the past years.

Remember you can publish in any language and you can publish under a different name so no one knows its you except HOLAA.


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i laughed at this, not sure why being gay has anything to do with holidays?
gay ,straight. bended, mixed or what ever.. who cares…….
merry xmas to all…..

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Hahahahahaha! Merry Xmas to you too! The point is to have people look at it from that point of view. lots of things will affect what it is like to be home. Being married, being gone for too long, being part of the diaspora for years, having a kid, take your pick. The point of the call is to ask people what effect being gay has had. It can be fun or not, sad or not. Doesnt matter! We just want the experience. Being home is being home. We just want the story.

: D

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