PhotoXP Community Outreach Project- LGBTI Women Doing Their Thing


Greatmore Studios collaborated with reknowned visual activistΒ Zanele Muholi for an outreach project tailored forΒ LGBTI community whose voices are rarely documented and repoted on.Β  With fellow photographer and facilitator Lindeka Qampi, Muholi crafted a course plan that would teach participants basic photography skills and visual story telling techniques using their homes and immediate enviroments as characters in their final story submissions.The participants ranged in ages from 21 to 31, all of them lesbians from areas in and around the township of Khayelitsha.

The above pictures were of the exhibition and celebration of these young women and their incredible work.


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these are wonderful! what a great project!

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This is great stuff man. Hope the project grows from strength to strength, reaching other townships and provinces. Big ups to you guys!

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It was project by local photographer Zanele Muholi. The work was amazing. I am hoping that the work does continue cause it really is an amazing project!
Thanks for visiting the site!

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