Deeper into our erotic Zone

“To deny sex is to deny life. To reject art is to impoverish yourself, rejecting pleasure and growth. To accept sex and art together is to add to oneself, to be positive instead of negative”

HOLAA is calling for women in the continent to tap into their inner sensual, sexual, beautiful and erotic selves and send us in their best female driven erotica. We are looking for stories that speak to the sexier side of being an African woman, something that that will get hearts racing and weather changing down below.

We want you to share your passion, we want you to share your heat. If it’s sexy we want it, if it’s nasty we want it, if its sensual we want it, if its intimate we want it.
Seduce the African continent and the world.
The same rules apply if you want to play the game:

  • You can print under a pseudonym.
  • You can write about anything you want.
  • You can send pictures if you want.
  • You can DO what you want.
  • No hate, no prejudice, no intolerance, no problem.

Send submissions to or look for click here or here for a link to admin’s facebook pages.  You can always drop off posts using Facebook Inbox.

Have fun writing.

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