Lesbians until Rejected…

By HitchDyke

Yes i have created my own category of lesbians

Not to be racist or anything but the western communities have what’s called Lesbians Until Graduation(LUG), the ones who live their entire college years as lesbians and as soon as they graduate they are back to heterosexuality

They are cool. They are sexy and perfect little dykes. Angelic, you may say,  because they will do anything and everything to fit into the lesbian world. Andwhen they are done they quietly leave, get married and move on with their lives.

Unfortunately I have noticed a disturbing trend in our African communities, the devilish equals of LUG whom I call Lesbians until Rejected. They are just like LUG, perfect dyke friend and the perfect lesbian lover to their girlfriends. The problem comes when they get dumped/rejected. They go on a rampage, are suddenly straight and suddenly have a MASSIVE vendetta against homosexuality. They will tell you all the crap about how wrong and evil homosexuality is and how you are all going to hell.

This guys, is not cool, I’m not sure if you’re straight gay or bi, quite frankly most of us don’t care, just quit the pretense. You are heartbroken, yes but for godsake grieve like everyone else and cry yourself to sleep every night, if however you somehow got a revelation that homosexuality is wrong, keep it to yourself or at the very least have a little shame.

That is all.


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Wow, okay that is intense. I didn’t even know that there were people who did that. It is a shame yes… Awesome article.

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lenna its my first time hearing of such a thin bt th article is good tho

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I’ve heard of this before but not in real life, I’m sure I’ve come across a similar discussion elsewhere on the blogopshere like years ago.

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Ja its truly is a shame, but i guess some people are jacks and for most its easier to hate, blame or tarnish, then to face up to a broken hurt or mend it!

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ive seen this, twice already… and ive never questioned it because its none of my business, but i do agree with you, they tend to start throwing bible scriptures and believing in God, and see everything that you do as a sin, as you said, they should just keep it to themselves… and they forget that they hurt people in the process, if you change your lifestyle to make other people happy, they should ask themselves this question, who are you trying to please… put yourself first, its your life after all.

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there is another kind of lesbian. they are the MAJORITY in today’s world. they are LOC. (lesbian of convenience). the ONLY reason why they are lesbos is coz they can not find a man who wants any serious relationship with them.
These are heterosexual females that do NOT appear attractive to men so they keep getting rejected by the male specie. they thus fall on other women for acceptance.

If they were to find a guy who would want something serious with them, i promose u, they will dump their lesbian friends and lovers and get back on the straight road!

They are PATHETIC and DISGUSTING! they make me wanna vomit and give REAL lesbians a BAD name.

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goodness Nastie that’s quite a rough judgement you’re passing there…on what grounds do YOU decide for someone else that they are using the person they are with? And not just use. Use because they are too lazy to fit in with the beauty ideals of what ‘real men want’. Seriously? calling someone pathetic and disgusting…those are strong words, not to mention the vomit bit of course…I almost wonder if you may not be a guy that got turned down based on what I read here…

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Nice one!

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