I’m An African Woman

By Coco-Only Khumalo
I’m an African woman
My weave and mascara don’t define me
I am born of the dark and rich soil of The Continent

I’m the nubian queen of the Godly kingdom…I’m an African woman
My sexuality doesn’t define me
I’m da dark ruby produced by the mother-land
I am born to conquer the world and cover it more than sand
I’m an African woman
My push-up bra doesn’t define me
I am sculptured with the UNIQUENESS of SAARTIE-BAARTMAN’s body
Instilled with the COURAGE of Noxolo Nogwaza
I am bred by the PERSEVERANCE of Phindi Malaza
Driven by the DEVOTION of Zoleka Luswazi
I’m an African woman, my love for woman doesn’t define me


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indeed it is…

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