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By MetaphoricalVerb Pearl

Sighs of girls who are no longer shy
Long having said goodbye to the appearance of signs
Fines having been paid we no longer cling to doing just fine
Souls made of iron our problems laid out in a line
What is mine and what is yours we now know better to combine
Laughter masks our hurt as we imbibe, the tears to keep at bay we unashamedly bribe
Brides with dirty dresses, with our independence we pay the prize
Innocence turns out to be ignorance in a sense

Tense with emotion yesterday is a past tense
The rooms of our hearts now crumbled made partly of tent
Bent on success, the truth we easily bend our burnt bridges we will never mend.

Sighs of girls who are no longer shy
Signs of lies covering the scars on our thighs
Mud pies oozing of blood we watch as our fore selves die
Wasted tears nourishing the earth, someday we will fly
Not on expendables highs of weed we shall roll with the tide
Hang tight to the promise of goodness in humanity, for kindness we shall fight
Bright is the future, the light so blinding its intensity so frightening
Igniting our hearts with the surge of lightning likely we will survive, and rightly so
Tightly we stand in a circle and watch the shackles fall free
The beauty in our freckles shines through and boy are we a spectacle to watch
Now we stand respectable…

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This is such a beautiful poem.

(On a side note, the image above was drawn by TyraWM, it’d be nice if you could leave an image credit.)

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Thank so much for the heads up! We shall most definitely give credit where it is due! Thanks for liking the poem…

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