By Lee Nova

I am broken yet all of myself is intact.
In this Lust I expected pieces. My soul resisting, Your heart persisting. There is no truth in this Yet lies don’t exist in this catch-22. It just is… it just happened.

Next time it might be triggered by your voice, tomorrow ignited by my touch. With each stolen moment we reminded that our kisses aren’t ours alone. So what’s keeping us here in this catch-22? Is it his love? ‘Cause you know mine would sustain longer then an erection. You keep running away from us right back to me.

Caught in a catch-22 cos I am female and you are too…

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Im inspired “catch-22”. Lovin da words used 2 compile da poem. Keep on keeping on wit da gr8 work 🙂

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We shall! As long as you guys keep the good work coming….

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