A beautiful night with Stacey Ann Chin

‘The room is packed and nice and lots of vaginas in the room…’
‘South Africa feeds the pen and feeds the heart and feeds the pussy’ – Stacey Ann Chin at the Waiting Room in Cape Town!

‘How many women masturbate? The rest of you are liars of fools. How the hell you not know what makes your pussy work?’

‘Jesus made your pussy, so you might as well use it.’

A beautiful night with Stacey Ann Chin poet performer and mother. Her child was in the audience fast asleep. She joked that all those women had thought they had her whipped but the child is who made her go crazy. She joked and laughed with the audience at one point asking how many straight girls had been brought here by a lesbian (‘yeah…I’m sure you’re just friends’).

A truly magical night with a truly magical woman.

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No…Too short! I was only getting into the review and was hoping to be made a part of the audience cos I missed this one …Ahh.

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Hahahahahaha shall post the video on the Facebook! Just now now….

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