Fragments of love

By Kay Lynn
I’m a lover
Not as you think
Not belonging to someone
Not one who slips in 3a.m satisfy you and leave before sunrise
Not the ‘let’s sneak around’ well kept secret.
See, I’m a lover of the world

Engulfed in its massive seas of beauty
Buried in the red earth you see as dirt
Surrounded by green leaves that fall dry on ground filled with
crawling creatures
Drowning in its vast sunny skies sometimes carrying angry storms.
But of all things in the world, I’m a lover of the WOMAN.
Do not act surprised I’m sure you too have been collected, her victim.
Taken by her breathtaking beauty
Made weak by her persuasive power, you’re ready to bring the world to her feet.
Forgetting all your lacking, you would walk on nails to meet her
needs, quench her thirst.
I’m caught by the intensity of this being.
Moving mountains is no task, hell I’d find her tear in the ocean if it
would please her.
The warmth in her smile forms deep dimples in her cheeks makes my
heart beat wildly, she stirs a fire inside my chest.
Her flawless skin as if dipped in gold, free of the constriction of
clothes sends streaks of excitement straight down my gut into my
The sweet odor on her moist neck says she’s been places,an appetite
for my burning desires.
I come undone at her full blown lips, rosy as if yelling desire.
I try but i can’t quite resist tracing lines forming the curve on her
back to firm thighs,causing me to ache with wanting.
The soft contours on her chest often make me wish I’d tuck my head
in-between make it my home.
And when she speaks man,her soft voice boils blood in veins like
flowing lava i could burst open.
Her touch,comforting yet teasing could start a war at the meeting of my thighs.

When her hips move its like a dance to the gods,a magnetic field
pulling me in so i long to follow the rhythmn deep inside her.
Maybe now you understand why,
I do not feel threatened by stares from a society that think me unnatural.
I do not get intimidated by men who thing their crotch Gods gift to
humanity,chauvinistic fools.
I do not back down from fear of scars caused by a former lover.
I do not shy away from judgement by those around me that find the idea absurd.
I do not give an ear to piercing words thrown my way.
I do not walk head bowed nor feel shame from their silent thoughts.
I do not hesitate to hold her hand or waist and stroll down streets.
I simply ignore and remain content to stare,yearn,hold but mostly love
the WOMAN.


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your words are intense,am only left speechless

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Beautifuly written. Very sexy and hot. Closeing my eyes I can imagine that beautiful queen standing before me. I loved it.

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I love this kinda love…just beautiful!

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