VeNuS (poetry)

By Immah

I apologize, deeply sincerely apologize.
For all that I haven’t told you or reminded you.
Lets take it from the top
…better yet from below.
I kiss the gods rings for your feet, how you used them to
rub my frozen ones on a cold night. To get me that calm and sleep that my insomniac tendencies always betray.
Your flawless mono-skin-toned legs which joyously imprison me, when your wrap them around me inmate. Pardon my pun.
Lets ignore the miraculous ability of your hips to sway to every beat and make it sound good, for such thoughts are how people find themselves in Iowa exchanging vows in front of a ten people crowd.
At a lower stage of my learning they called it the abdomen, yours is an indescribable beauty which the eyes of the mortal have no right to see.
I adore your long monkey arms whose embrace shields me from insanity.
Your fingers whose capabilities beat those of all writers and artists combined around the world.
Your fine-wool soft lips and how the first day I saw you they earned my attention and now my affection.
Your eyes that show to your soul where I can see the images of us in our years of happily-ever-after…or so I wish :-).
Your long fair hair that holds memories for us that would be uncultured for me to mention.
Lets go deeper to what they can’t see,
Help them understand why I love you with every lock in my head, every intuition in my soul, every thought in my mind and every song in my heart.
I’ll start with how mean you are with your perfect voice; you choose to hum to a song that you would sing to better than the person who wrote it.
How you swing your head while picking a phone call.
How you unconsciously reach for my hand in the middle of the night and lock your fingers with mine.
How you make me feel like everything that I thought was love before this was not.
How it’s so hard to catch you smiling, yet you are ever laughing.
How you play a horror movie after a fight as an excuse to get close.
How you try to silently cry in your sleep not to worry me.
How you appreciate every one of my conflicting personalities.
How you read my face like a book.
How you give me simple answers to all the hard questions.
How I love you, want you, need you and most of all like you- and please shoot me between my eyes if I ever make you feel anything but.
You need to understand i not only love but am in love with you.
You are the god to my world.
The blueprint to the perfection of every man and girl.
Consuming- are the thoughts of you in my head.
Frustrating- is distance from you.
Amazing- is everything that is you.
So, next time I enter our home and throw my boots away, walk past you without even a kiss.
My love, my dear, my beau, my baibe, the half to my whole; still have no doubt
Nothing in life is certain but death, taxes and my love for you.

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dammit this is a btfl piece!

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