That’s not ok. Ok?

By Siphu

Patriarchal norms permeate all aspects of our lives.

You walk out of your door and are reminded that you are not a man. Regardless of what you are wearing you will be accosted by the male gaze stripping you bare with their eyes. “Ekse baby, come here come”…if you are liked. The unfortunate of us will get whistles and kissing sounds…how dare we think we are worthy of the acknowledgment that we are human beings rather than little bitches just wishing to be ploughed by a dog. The fact that a female dog is called a bitch and a male one simply a dog is problem enough, but this is not the point.

The worst of course is when you are walking and minding your own business and a man feels the need to touch you as if he owns your body and then looks shocked when you get upset. I mean really now! Sometimes I just want to deck someone in the face, and maybe I actually will do it one day and see what happens.

This is however a mere introduction to what inspired me to write this. I am shocked at how a lot of lesbians seem to mirror the misogynist behaviour that a lot of men are guilty of each day. Recently, I walked past a group of lesbians and was heckled.

What! Why?

It seems like some lesbians have mastered and surpassed men in this nasty business of the thingification of women. There is this assumption that because it is coming from women, surely its ok.


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Its truly sad indeed, it seems that even I find myself in a pool of disappointment everyday. I don’t understand this behavior from lesbians especially butches. They seem to mirror and master all the bad habits from men.

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It’s probably a need to prove themselves to show that they aren’t ‘undeserving’ of being with women. Basically showing that they aren’t the underdogs and that anything men can do they can do as well.

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