HOLAA in a Hot Spot: Advice on giving head to an ex, trouble with sex and how crushing on a roomate being a bad idea (Video)

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Hi HOLAA in a Hot Spot expert,

I have a problem. I can’t go down on my girlfriend, whom I have been with a year, but every time I see my ex we have sex and I go down on her. I wish I knew why but this is just how it goes. Why is this happening and how can I fix this?

Please help,

Horny and Hungry


Dear HOLAA expert,

Before I got into this relationship that I have been in for about three months, I had not had sex for like nine months. When we first started the sex was good but recently it has been weird. My body feels strange when we touch and even when I am in the mood to do it, it doesn’t feel good. I am not sure what is wrong with me.

Romancing and sexually confused


Dear HOLAA Hotspot,

I am crushing on my roommate. I am so attracted to her, like I can’t even deal with her boobs, they are killing me. She is giving a little of the green light but should I make advances first? Should I wait or make a move?

Living in confusion


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